Mellissa Coulter

“It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearance. The true mystery in the world lies in the visible, not the invisible” –Oscar Wilde

I am Spontaneous. Ridiculous. Tad left of left. Design. Inanimate objects. Swings. Edward Knowles. Forts. Theoretical aspects of dress. Candy Floss. Op-shop. Art. Colour. Hard worker. New World Apricot Pies. Sunshine. More personality than Ari Gold on crack. Determined. Music. Street. Part time vegetarian so I’m allowed to…..Smile. Angus Stone. Fall back career: obscure tambourine player for Lykke Li. Creative. Erratic dancing. Charming. Vintage. Luxe. Travel. Explore. Experience. TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS.

Model: Laken @ Ali McD Model Agency
Photography: Charlotte McLachlan and Henry Hewat