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27 Oct 2013
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Jade Streat

As a child I struggled to colour inside the lines, in fact, the children that could would vex me no end. Try as I may, those perfect block colours and controlled strokes were not my forte’. Finally in an act of desperation and to the dismay of my teachers I rebelled against the constraints of those colouring books. I found the thickest black felt tip I could and drew new lines on the pages until the picture became what I thought it should, creative rebellion! Oh but it didn’t stop there. When a movie or book didn’t end the way I thought it ought to I rewrote it until the plot pleased my every whim and fancy.

Several years later I guess this still typifies my design style, I challenge what is with the world inside my head. Why follow the crowd when you can create something new, beautiful, and a little bit odd? As a designer I have very little interest in what has been done, and I view technique as a method of exploration, rather than the final destination, in hope that wherever I end up is a place no one has been before.

I specialize in illustration, film and photography and my style has been described as ‘folkurrealism.’ I love the ethereal, the quirky, colour and light. I enjoy blending both hand rendered and digital elements into my work. A great design should transcend the viewer to another world for at least a moment, and as a designer I believe I have a responsibility to take the viewer somewhere they couldn’t go without me.

27 Oct 2013
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Michael Lameta

I don’t really have a background in art or drawing so my work is almost exclusively digital and I design both for screen and print outcomes. I have taught myself to use the Adobe Creative Suite software and they play a big part in my design process because I do my “sketching,” developing and refining all on a computer. I primarily work in graphic design, branding and logo design but I also enjoy photography. I also have a passion for animation, both 2D and 3D, and video game design.  My design aesthetic is heavily influenced by minimalism. I see my work as minimal yet meaningful. I take inspiration from many different sources such as video games, cartoons, movies, books, the internet and also my Samoan culture. I am constantly on the lookout for things to do, play with or create. I believe that it’s not all about how good you are, it’s about how good you want to be so be big but dream bigger! I like to think of myself as a designer who is curious, confident, reliable and professional.


27 Oct 2013
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Thomas Henry

I have always enjoyed visuals, graphics and moving image. I usually surround myself with some sort of graphic as they appeal to me. I am observant and love to look at the world and what’s in it. Colour, shape, textures, gradients and type is what I see when I gaze upon a place at that moment in time.

As a designer, my creative knowledge and experience continues to grow and evolve with each design and project I execute. I’m aware of the importance of research, prototyping and understanding sources of not only information, but also inspiration.

I like to mix work with play and vice versa. I feel it keeps me involved and refreshed with what I’m doing. Its also part of my personality which I think is important as to show in your work and to the client your working for, this builds relationships with what your doing and also who your working with.

I believe that to create a great design you learn from past designers or people that you look up to and motivate you. Apply that knowledge that you learn in your own creative way or style.



27 Oct 2013
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Michael Page

Drawing has always been more than just a hobby to me, it has been a passion. Ever since I started drawing it has been my goal to constantly improve and refine my technique and my creations.

I was first attracted to drawing from early inspirations of non-traditional 2D animations of the Batman cartoons of the 1990s, including Samurai Jack and Invader Zim to name just a few. I have always been fascinated by these animations and their production, in terms of the art style used, the worlds and environment created for these characters, and the stories that are written that make them unique and believable in the worlds these characters inhabit.

I have also been inspired by animators on the internet, flash animators as well as stop motion animators. The production values on the flash and stop animations are so extremely awesome considering that they are usually one man projects (apart from the voice acting), that it is an inspiration to myself to raise the bar on my future animations/work and take my designs to the next level.

Ever since I got my first pair of headphones I have been listening to music while I work. Music has always been an inspiration to help me draw and design. I find it brings out more of my creativity than silence would, and some key pieces of music I listen to, I often find myself being inspired to create works biased around on the music.


27 Oct 2013
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Catherine Smith

I am a designer who collects, gathers and collates throughout my creative process. I strongly believe that design is about the user experience, therefore as an interior designer it is my responsibility to make the space phenomenal for the client.

From a young age I have always had a fascination with the technique of collage. Layer upon layer combined with different media provides me with endless opportunities to tell stories and express different identities in a unique and different way.


27 Oct 2013
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Kate Anderson

Creativity is born from necessity

Sustainability is long-term and

Relationships between past and present

Inform my Design strategy


Limited resources provide constraints

Encouraging us to think outside the box

To see the potential

In what is readily available


Adaptation and reconfiguration

Of what already exists are rewarding methods

Juxtaposing elements and objects

Creating unique beauty and a new functionality


Culling out the excess in life is therapeutic

I write my list: Needs verses Wants

This list is as individual as the context of every design


27 Oct 2013
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Bethany Wilson

With a creative flair and an eye for detail, I thrive on creating sophisticated elegant designs that use high quality fabrics and finishings, with a preference for working with natural fibers in my garments. I have a focus on good design fit and proportion, so as to compliment the wearer, with an aim to accentuate the silhouette of the female form and enable the wearer to look and feel glamorous in the garments that I create. Being drawn to pretty things, I strive to create successful design outcomes with an eye catching aesthetic and wow factor. I have a passion for hand crafted elements such as beading, embroidery and textile manipulation, which when united with my work, adds a more personal touch to my designs. My inspiration is drawn from an array of things including; nature, various colour tones, silhouettes, and the movement and texture of fabric. Couture labels Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, and the early creations of House of Worth excite me as a designer, inspiring me to dream big and think outside the box. From this degree I aspire to work within the fashion industry, creating bridal and evening wear designs, and dealing one on one with clients.


27 Oct 2013
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Justine Tindley

My collection is inspired by photos of the author, Franz Kafka and his story, “The Metamorphosis” The author lived from 1883-1924.At this time in history the industrial revolution had become a source of optimism about the general path of progress. This conception of progress coincided and complimented Darwin’s theory of evolution. Many held the optimistic belief that species, including Homo sapiens, inevitably evolved towards higher and more perfect forms. Metamorphosis challenges this understanding of progress; most obviously, through the central character in the story, Gregor Samsa, whose sudden physical change violates all natural law, but also Gregor’s transformation into a beetle, reverses the assumed path of evolutionary progress

When analysing my design process, I have realised many key aspects to the way I think and make. I like to develop a strong conceptual framework from which I brainstorm ideas. I also research through practice; this occurs with material exploration and is very process driven. With each project something is revealed that gives rise to further questions and speculations, this is often both an end point and starting point for something new.

The thing that excites me about fashion is creating original garments that challenge fashion trends and most importantly, tell a story.


27 Oct 2013
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Rose Tamplin

The purpose of my designs is to bring into being garments of beautiful and timeless quality. I create items of clothing which are intricately and skilfully made using high quality fabrics and finishes.

My designs are intended to bring great delight to the wearer and to make them feel valued and special; items to place in their wardrobe with pride and more importantly pleasure.

Through design I seek to engage my need for self-expression, which is part of my innate character. When designing I am drawn to nature, architecture, sculpture, ancient civilizations and painting as sources of inspiration. Therefore my designs are not for the faint hearted or for those who don’t wish to be noticed. They are for women and men with an appreciation for a strong design aesthetic.

I introduce elements of surprise and drama which encourage the viewer to take a second and closer look, discovering the intricacy involved in each garment. I love this aspect of creativity and often incorporate special techniques into my designs.

A touch of the hand and an innovative use of colour is embraced within my creative process and embodied within the final outcome.


27 Oct 2013
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Richard Powell

From an early age I’ve had a great appreciation for music, art and design. They allow one to express ideas in a much more profound and interesting way than words ever could. The ability to change imagination into reality is exciting to say the least; but it wasn’t fed through my initial studies in engineering, even though it was undoubtedly informative.

What I love about design is the integration of creativity and problem solving. My studies have transformed the way I see the world. Design makes you super aware of your surroundings and forces you to make sense of why things are done a certain way; the very chair beneath me was the careful work of a designer, as is the keyboard I am typing with and the pages this is printed on.

My design process varies greatly; I think the fundamental aspect of my creativity is rooted in music. There’s something great about jamming and crafting songs from a vast pallet of rhythms and sounds without knowing where it is going to end up, finding keeping what you like, what works and what is yours, along with the fact that sometimes the mistakes you make can turn into the best bits if you do it right.


27 Oct 2013
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Daniel Goodman

Design is a very powerful tool if it is used in the correct manner, stop designing crap.

I believe that there is very little that can be designed anymore, instead we apply old and new ideas or change up the aesthetics, repurposing them, essentially creating a new product/ service.

To me design is all about the process and the journey in which we take to come to our design solutions. Sometimes I feel as though the journey we take is more important than the physical outcome. Throughout this journey we learn a lot about what technologies and materials are available in your immediate location, which can sometimes restrict our design outcomes. When we branch out and seek advice, we make many valuable friends and contacts, we become experts at everything and masters of nothing.

In my design practice I like to work with natural materials and manipulate them with contemporary technologies. When I’m in the workshop creating my designs is when I’m in my element, it’s always reassuring when your designs work out as well as intended .I enjoy creating clean, simple, organic forms that are inviting yet functional to use. I believe that my love of the outdoors and adrenaline junkie behaviour influences my designs and narrows my design focus to designing for the recreational industry.


27 Oct 2013
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Lorne Secord

As a child I grew up in native bush playing in the outdoors, giving me an enduring appreciation of my natural surroundings, one that I continue to build on constantly. These experiences remain a regular source of inspiration within my design.

The imprint left on my senses from  my father’s carpentry workshop in these early years, such as colour, grains, smells, and the feeling of natural textures have further deepened my design approach and appreciation. For me good design not only takes into account users needs, but their values, and the necessity to exist in harmony within our everyday surroundings.

I enjoy the design process, the learning, it’s challenges and the unforeseen outcomes which often present themselves.


27 Oct 2013
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Ross McFadden

Design is my medium of creativity. My past is filled with mechanical experience and logical thought processes with a rigid knowledge base of what will and will not work.

Design has been my engine of change. The evolution of my design process has manifested into a belief that simple design requires complex thought. Remove the unnecessary retaining only pure form.

Form follows function the mantra of the modernist is a methodology I have enjoyed from a young age. Visual impurity is the prevalent theme of our time. Mechanism is buried beneath a plastic façade a deep visceral rebellion to this façade has forged my process and my own inner mantra. Beauty is simplicity; simplicity is to celebrate the mechanism. Play is so important as a designer. Play adds fun and practicality to a process that can become very theory orientated.

Materials should be minimal but of the highest standard, if possible recycled or repurposed. Metals fascinate me through there inexhaustible variety of applications, strength and recyclability. Plastics effects on the environment should mean there use should be necessity only, throughout design.

My methodology is constantly evolving through pragmatic trial and error no matter what the outcome. Design is my passion and a way of steering change


27 Oct 2013
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Bella Bloomfield

“Learn by doing”, (Ikin, 1997). Since my first memories of crafting and making objects, failing and starting over was the most important step to eventual success. Now my personal design process revolves around visualization, sketching and quick mock-ups. These prototypes help me understand the fundamental principals of building and whether or not the product will succeed when made as a full-scale design.

My drawing and modelling approach tends to be architectural in the sense that I focus a lot on the structural elements alongside form and function. I put to use my construction skills and prefer a minimal and understated aesthetic.

Balsa wood is my favoured material to use for small-scale prototypes. It has a clean aesthetic, is light and easy to cut. My furniture designs are made using plywood and recycled wood. I like to keep the woods natural textures and colours present by coating in a low-sheen varnish to let the natural hue speak for itself.

I love to pull products apart and re-create them in some way or another, such as painting and decorating. I like change, so many of my belongings don’t stay the same for very long. My jewelry designs are the same. They are all slightly different with varying materials and colours used. My recent works explore the use of silver, brass and resin plaster. The combination of these 3 materials creates a harmonious balance with all components complimenting each other.