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27 Oct 2013
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Danielle Su’a

My design principles is to keep it simple and do more with less, and every design should have a measurable goal. Say what you mean, don’t beat around the bush because you’re wasting valuable design time. I believe what makes me unique and interesting as a designer is my randomness. I often have random thoughts, and not afraid of sharing them. I love these thoughts, sometimes they are the best idea I get, and sometimes they attract people’s attention. I do not think randomness is necessarily bad, it’s just what makes me different. My designs are heavily influenced from my childhood memories, from the colours, shapes, toys, music, cartoons and Samoan lifestyle. My childhood and randomness is my passion, my creativity, my love, and my best design partner.


27 Oct 2013
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Tiffany Butler

Design, for me, is intrinsically linked with who I am. Designing is like surprising myself with an answer I didn’t know existed; a self-discovery process. Throughout my degree I have come to realise that really I enjoy balancing the relationship between sincere raw elements and composed refined digital design. I especially love designing this way within layout, typography, and advertising.  These elements give my work a sophisticated and creative balance, which reflects my design style and personality. My ideas are usually radical to start with; I dream sky high with a lot of belief in myself. I enjoy polishing, refining, and creating purposeful detail that allows the work to be communicated effortlessly and elegantly. I believe design should communicate a culture subconsciously, reflecting the intended audience with sincerity. I like the rush of an assignment, the design environment, and the industry’s competitive nature. It challenges me to become a stronger, more competent designer and gain comprehensive knowledge through experience. These experiences have been crucial to my development, and have taught me invaluable lessons. I consider taking risks and having an open mind, the most important, playful, and rewarding aspects to creating an inspiring design.  They say that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but for me, that’s exactly what design is.


27 Oct 2013
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Laura Wolf

The core purpose of my work is to communicate a clear visual message. It is focused however never taking itself too seriously. It is user friendly still stamped with my personal style, balancing tradition and contemporary. Growing up in a rural bavarian area, nature and ancient customs always influenced my aesthetic and formed my life values. These values have shaped my decision to use my work to support clients with local production as well as eco friendly and sustainable working methods. I enjoy to work with artists, musicians, cultural institutions and companies that care. In my personal projects I am engaged in tradition and culture, individuality and diversity. Travelling around the world I‘ve observed many cultural and environmental similarities. But more importantly I‘ve discovered a unique versatility. Adressing this is just one exiting part of my job as a designer. Another one is the creative process behind each and every project … ideation, experimenting with materials, watching everything fall into place, resulting in an intelligent and beautiful outcome. I love combining contrasting elements (such as manual and digital or ancient and contemporary) and working with a diverse range of media while paying attention to detail; this allows me to create visual worlds  that are responsive to both human senses and values.


27 Oct 2013
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Lena Plaksina

I am an image-maker. My design process involves manual and digital art making, collaging and getting intimate with my work.

Illustration and graphic design are my main areas of interest. I like to think of illustration as a filter for someone else’s vision. Graphic design, similarly, is a sort of distiller for various ideas. These mediums let me take the story and the idea, as well as the mass of visual information seen by the client, and re-arrange these pieces to create a targeted, cohesive “big picture”.

To me, design is about relationships and people. In light of that, I believe that working with communities in a holistic way is best practice when it comes to design. I hope that my work will not encourage people to spend unnecessary resources on unnecessary items, but rather inspire them, move them and incite positive change. I am passionate about people and feelings, identity, community, beliefs and expression in all forms.

My design outcomes reflect these interests and translate visually to gentle and curious work. I like using multiple layers and transparencies to reveal just enough and let the audience imagine the rest.


27 Oct 2013
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Madison Henry

My imagination has always been captured by the inspiring visuals of this world. I like to think of myself as a creative designer with versatile traits. If I am working with something I’ve never dealt with before, I take it on experimenting and using new techniques as I go. I’m always keen on a new creative mission and down to work in collaborative processes.

I started out with a strong passion for painting, which evolved into urban calligraphy and murals on canvas. Eventually I transcended into the world of design, where I wish to pursue my goals and create a large array of work, knowledge and skills for the future. I wish to become an excellent digital illustrator and concept artist, as well as a competent film photographer and media producer. Nexus Dimensions is my current path towards enlightenment and ascending to the next level in design. With strong motivation and powerful alternate perspectives we traverse on similar paths. I don’t plan on stopping until I am fully satisfied in this creative career, which I may never be.

Mads, Peace.


27 Oct 2013
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Cheryl Hooper

Hello stranger, my name is Cheryl Hooper and I am a hyper creative being. My strengths are in graphic design, illustration and packaging; but I am known to give almost anything a go. I love to create things with personality and give life to everyday experiences. I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and led by my inquisitive nature to notice even the finest of details. My work is a result of the overflow of my imagination and my skills are a product of trying to keep up with it. I tend to cross-pollinate between design fields as I start to push the boundaries of what my designs are, and what they could be. I find it important to be adaptable, resourceful, dynamic and always excited about what I do, I am never at a shortage of creative ideas and thrive in watching them become a reality. It is these things that motivate me to always follow a job through to completion and compel me to take that extra time and care to polish my outcomes. I desire to create original, memorable designs that reflect both my enthusiasm and personality as a designer. So feel free to check out some of my favourite design exploits thus far.


27 Oct 2013
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Liang Yu

I am currently enrolled as a Graduate Diploma student at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin. My major is Communication Design and I am mainly focusing in the area of web design. Through this one-year course I aim to further develop my passion for web design, and gain valuable experience with the aim of gaining full-time employment in 2014.

I graduated from Donghua University in China in 2001 with a three-year diploma in Fashion Design. After graduation, I have worked as a graphic designer and advertising designer for 7 years in Shanghai, China. I love design. My experience of living in New Zealand has helped me recognize that design is my career for life.

My project is creating a e-commerce website for a fashion company. The brand name is “The Dark Continent”. And also, I need to do the branding and the fashion photography.

The Dark Continent is a dynamic New Zealand clothing retailer successfully providing today’s women with sophisticated fashion, styled for today’s world. The Dark Continent appeals to the woman who loves great design and isn’t afraid of a little edginess or modern styling. She wants to reference trends but doesn’t want to slavishly follow them. The Dark Continent woman gets style that stands the test of time.

I hope to design a brand that is delivers the message clearly. To create a website that is about vogue and beauty. To create a website that is functional, easy and enjoyable to navigate.


27 Oct 2013
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Sonya Heney

My initial interest with fashion design was sparked by my Mother as she made the majority of my clothes as a child. As I grew older and developed my own sense of style I realised early on that the fashion that was readily available to me in the shops never appealed to me and I relied on my Mum to try bring my visions to life. It was only natural for me to study fashion design.

Quality and functionality of a garment are also important factors for me within my designs. There is simply no point of ill-fitting clothes that do not stand the test of time, especially in this world of fast fashion.

The most important message I try to communicate through my designs is staying true to yourself by taking pride in your individuality. I also try to convey my feminist views into my womenswear so that the wearer may feel empowered as a person instead of just feeling gendered. I believe that fashion can be a tool of feminism and of self-expression and individuality and empowerment. Everybody has the right to wear what makes them feel beautiful and confident without the fear of being ridiculed, however, our society’s view must change before that can happen and I hope my designs can help aid this transition.


27 Oct 2013
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Danielle Visser

Start with an idea, a mood, a feeling. Percolate with some research and late nights. Add a good pinch of sketching, toiling, stress and even later nights. Voila! A collection is born.

My collections are elegance and sophistication balanced with a playful sense of wit and delight. Created with a penchant for natural fibres, and playing on the subtleties and vibrancy of colour and tone, I aim my designs at an international market, one without borders or boundaries.

I design with a certain kind of woman in mind, the kind of woman who wants her clothes to make her feel confident, amazing, and gorgeous.

Quality is all important.

Feel good, look good. It’s that simple.


27 Oct 2013
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Amy Berthelsen

Having a design degree has been my chosen path since I was a little girl, a dream that one day I would be working with clothes and photography.

I feel so many things can provide inspiration. For each collection I design, I turn to my love of music, quotes, film, images and city life.

My design aesthetic is instantly recognisable; cheeky and charming, always with strong themes of youthful modernity and adventure with a sense of confidence, edgy glamour, and structured sophistication.

I look to provide versatile on trend essentials, designed to be a girls’ best friend.

Your best work is a true expression of yourself. You always move forward when learning and creating. I plan on starting my own label in years to come, but for now I would love to work in a design company and learn more about the fashion industry.

Designing is not a career path it is a life path, one that I have chosen to engage in, and spend the rest of my life creating.



27 Oct 2013
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Rosemary Boyton

I look to the past to create a story of fantasy and romance, where the nostalgic notions of history can be fused with everyday urban life.

In my work I am inspired by the beauty and splendour of antiquity. My appreciation of local colonial architecture, and the workmanship of interior detail, has emerged in my creations through my focus on detailing and my search for vintage floral fabrics to create meaningful pieces that can be adored and treasured for life.

I experiment with many methods of embellishment to create complex design features – I believe in problem solving to overcome challenges, which enables my work to evolve. This is what makes design exciting.

The quality of my finished pieces requires fastidiousness.  It is important to focus on the individual elements of a piece, but also to step back and look at the outfit as a whole, where cohesion can be explored through its structure and fit.


27 Oct 2013
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Lauren Arthur

This is not skim milk.

Investigating cultural implications on what we wear, I have sought to challenge the conventions of western fashion and traditional beauty. Inspired by social behaviour and the interaction of people and their environments. I utilize unconventional materials to explore the relationship between the human body and clothing. Celebrating beauty in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete I create clothing that is intriguing and thought provoking. Selected pieces are purposely left unfinished, exaggerating the aging process of a garment through wear and use. Drawn to the small details, every aspect is well considered and integral to the design, transforming conventional clothing into the unconventional. Exploring ideas through an organic process of drawing and experimental drape, results in a complex collection of innovative ideas and details.

 Picture Credits

Photographer Emily Hlavoc Green

Models Shanghai University of Engineering and Science




27 Oct 2013
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Olivia Moon

Design is a creative adventure. I see my design as a spectacle; exploring themes or stories with appropriate colour, materials and light.

The adventure within the spectacle begins with the entrance into a new environment. The user will be excited to explore something new and create their own pathway or story with an opportunity to experience materiality, colour and light in many ways.

I enjoy discovering the applications of materiality, colour and light. This enables me to adapt the current use and creatively re-string all elements together for the participant to be visually inspired whilst discovering new experiences.

By challenging the current perceptions that surround design, I get to produce unique phenomenological experiences.


27 Oct 2013
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Susan Preston

Interior Design poses an infinite number of exciting and challenging questions that I find irresistible. Designing solutions that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and appear effortless is a challenge that appeals to my natural curiosity and user centred approach to design. Building relationships is a key driver of my design philosophy and encompasses a genuine desire to interpret and exceed client expectations.

I believe in the importance of good design and the positive impact it can have on people’s everyday lives. I love the enormous breadth of my discipline; that it encompasses everything from the largest of civic projects to the layout of furniture in a living room. My interests are also broad, so I draw inspiration from sources as diverse as fashion and architecture to television D.I.Y and cooking programs.

Being the conduit between people and the realisation of their design dreams and aspirations is a privilege. I relish opportunities to get to know and understand the needs and wants of end users. Whether it is working with people on the re-design of their home or a much larger public space. It is the experience of a successful collaboration that results in a positive design outcome and a sense of satisfaction for all involved that I strive to achieve.


27 Oct 2013
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Lauren Edwards

I am still discovering who I am as a Designer, gradually grasping what design is and what it means to me. I hold close many beliefs, which shape my designs and which are reflected in them. One of these beliefs is that the preservation and protection of historic buildings is of the utmost importance. I believe in preserving the character and history the heritage buildings hold so they can tell their stories for years to come. I want to juxtapose these historic elements however. Using strategies of insertion, installation and/or intervention to create spaces, not only to keep the buildings stories alive but also ensure that they will create unique experiences.

I believe that a space should always make people feel good; it should invoke emotions.  As an interior designer, I want to be able to have fun with these spaces, to have the scope and confidence to play around with bold colour and prints and introduce quirky elements. I pride myself in giving 100 percent to everything I do and like to explore different medias in design drawings; digital, hand drawn, markers, watercolours, physical modelling etc.

I like to create things by hand and feel and understand the materials tactile qualities. I wish to travel, to explore and discover the world. I want to learn and experience as much as I can and I want these experiences to help shape me as a designer. I want to be a designer whose work will invoke emotions and tell stories of the past, present and future.