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Alice McKay

Fashion design is a vehicle in which I can present my visual thoughts as a three dimensional reality. My design philosophy parallels that of Kate Phelan, Topshop creative director that is keeping it real and keeping it desirable. I design clothing that encourages interaction between the garment and the wearer. Creating a high visual impact gives the design a phenomenological aspect which includes an onlooker in the experience of the garment. The design process commences with the wearer in mind. There must be a clear reason for each piece to be created and a question posed as to why the consumer should buy the garment. The beauty in my work abounds from an array of inspirational sources which allows discovery to happen, letting the draping of fabric inform the final outcome. “The challenge for me is not to expect the unexpected, but to celebrate it”- George Rodrigue, artist. Colour and texture are critical considerations whilst using simple silhouettes that make sense to the wearer. I believe fashion sustainability is the only way forward in today’s competitive market; therefore purpose of the garment is the first and last element of the design process considered. If I have created clothing that has evoked intrigue and purpose for the wearer and the result is happiness, then I have succeeded in my role as a fashion designer.


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