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Daniel Goodman

Design is a very powerful tool if it is used in the correct manner, stop designing crap.

I believe that there is very little that can be designed anymore, instead we apply old and new ideas or change up the aesthetics, repurposing them, essentially creating a new product/ service.

To me design is all about the process and the journey in which we take to come to our design solutions. Sometimes I feel as though the journey we take is more important than the physical outcome. Throughout this journey we learn a lot about what technologies and materials are available in your immediate location, which can sometimes restrict our design outcomes. When we branch out and seek advice, we make many valuable friends and contacts, we become experts at everything and masters of nothing.

In my design practice I like to work with natural materials and manipulate them with contemporary technologies. When I’m in the workshop creating my designs is when I’m in my element, it’s always reassuring when your designs work out as well as intended .I enjoy creating clean, simple, organic forms that are inviting yet functional to use. I believe that my love of the outdoors and adrenaline junkie behaviour influences my designs and narrows my design focus to designing for the recreational industry.


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