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Irene Florentina

I’m a turbo-nerd, I love unicorns and I never want to grow up. I encourage the uncomfortable and the unknown. My design style is sparkly and psychedelic and I use design to make myself happy. I always want to know more, do more and learn more. I’m very impatient so I move on quickly; I always find new things or ways to design.

Other inspirations for my designs come from collecting objects, images and ideas. I realise that children’s toys, dolls, ponies and dinosaurs have an aesthetic I relate to. The colours of the toys give me inspiration for the palette I use in my designs.

For me it is important to have passions and dreams and enjoy living them. It gives you freedom and a world of opportunities. Design for me is freedom because I feel like I can do and create anything. I create the things I want to see.

During my studies I developed a passion for animation and web design and this is what I want to do professionally. Digital design is very important to me. The computer can transform my vision into something physical. I enjoy creating glitch art and use the accidents that happen along the way to my advantage. Digital design inspires me to do great things. For the future I want to keep working in the design industry. Further down the road I would like to expand my horizon and learn different skills within the design field.


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