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Sonya Heney

My initial interest with fashion design was sparked by my Mother as she made the majority of my clothes as a child. As I grew older and developed my own sense of style I realised early on that the fashion that was readily available to me in the shops never appealed to me and I relied on my Mum to try bring my visions to life. It was only natural for me to study fashion design.

Quality and functionality of a garment are also important factors for me within my designs. There is simply no point of ill-fitting clothes that do not stand the test of time, especially in this world of fast fashion.

The most important message I try to communicate through my designs is staying true to yourself by taking pride in your individuality. I also try to convey my feminist views into my womenswear so that the wearer may feel empowered as a person instead of just feeling gendered. I believe that fashion can be a tool of feminism and of self-expression and individuality and empowerment. Everybody has the right to wear what makes them feel beautiful and confident without the fear of being ridiculed, however, our society’s view must change before that can happen and I hope my designs can help aid this transition.


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