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Susan Preston

Interior Design poses an infinite number of exciting and challenging questions that I find irresistible. Designing solutions that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and appear effortless is a challenge that appeals to my natural curiosity and user centred approach to design. Building relationships is a key driver of my design philosophy and encompasses a genuine desire to interpret and exceed client expectations.

I believe in the importance of good design and the positive impact it can have on people’s everyday lives. I love the enormous breadth of my discipline; that it encompasses everything from the largest of civic projects to the layout of furniture in a living room. My interests are also broad, so I draw inspiration from sources as diverse as fashion and architecture to television D.I.Y and cooking programs.

Being the conduit between people and the realisation of their design dreams and aspirations is a privilege. I relish opportunities to get to know and understand the needs and wants of end users. Whether it is working with people on the re-design of their home or a much larger public space. It is the experience of a successful collaboration that results in a positive design outcome and a sense of satisfaction for all involved that I strive to achieve.


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