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Tiffany Butler

Design, for me, is intrinsically linked with who I am. Designing is like surprising myself with an answer I didn’t know existed; a self-discovery process. Throughout my degree I have come to realise that really I enjoy balancing the relationship between sincere raw elements and composed refined digital design. I especially love designing this way within layout, typography, and advertising.  These elements give my work a sophisticated and creative balance, which reflects my design style and personality. My ideas are usually radical to start with; I dream sky high with a lot of belief in myself. I enjoy polishing, refining, and creating purposeful detail that allows the work to be communicated effortlessly and elegantly. I believe design should communicate a culture subconsciously, reflecting the intended audience with sincerity. I like the rush of an assignment, the design environment, and the industry’s competitive nature. It challenges me to become a stronger, more competent designer and gain comprehensive knowledge through experience. These experiences have been crucial to my development, and have taught me invaluable lessons. I consider taking risks and having an open mind, the most important, playful, and rewarding aspects to creating an inspiring design.  They say that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but for me, that’s exactly what design is.


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