Adam Herd

Graduate Diploma in Design (Communication) – Forth Street Studios Wolf Assets

This project serves as my first dive into 3D character modelling and in creating a game asset pack. The pack consists of two versions of the wolf model (one with an outline effect and one without) and ten texture variants for each version. The wolf was modelled using 3ds Max and the assets are setup for the Unity game engine. Soon I hope to give the wolf a skeletal rig and bring it to life with animation.

The aim was to create a wolf that would resemble its real-life counterpart whilst integrating a distinct stylistic look. I conducted research into wolf physiology and behaviour to help achieve this.

These assets were created for SKIN, a multiplayer first person open world survival game currently in development at the student company Forth Street Studios. With the game expected to take an additional five years to reach completion, there is plenty of opportunity for future students to make contributions.

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The wolf within a development build of SKIN, courtesy of Forth Street Studios.
A white texture variant.
A black outlined texture variant.
The full asset pack as presented in Unity.