Charlotte Cossens

Communication – Stories of the South

Design should be seen as a navigation tool used to elevate both our physical and emotional experiences. I believe a good designer understands that both the solution and emotional engagements of design have never been more relevant then in today’s society. For me, a successful piece of design has to solve a problem, enhance our physical world or engage us emotionally – otherwise it is nothing but an idea. I hold the value that design needs to connect with the basics of human nature in order to have an impact on us as people. 

Stories of the South is a collection of stories of the young and old who call the South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand their home, ordinary people who all have a story to tell. A ‘perfectly’ staged picture never forces the viewer into a world of enquiry – it provides all the answers. This project was activated by a strong interest in finding depth and going beyond the camera, as a photograph never tells the full story.  I was privileged enough to gain an insight into the lives of everyday New Zealander’s allowing me to present stories of people of the south that go beyond face value.