Daniela Handal

Postgraduate Diploma in Design – Rethinking Waste: New sustainable model for single-use packaging

As an architect and designer, I am always pursuing opportunities that challenge my creative capacity. One source of inspiration is travelling which allows me to learn about new cultures, have different experiences and understand the world from different perspectives. My creative process seeks to create unique projects that generate a distinctive value. Experience has taught me that passion and creativity must go together as resources to be successful. Loop, the outcome of my Post Graduate research project, explores and rethinks the practices around single-use packaging. The design research process enriched the path to gain knowledge and understand people’s perceptions, opening the possibility to be replicated in future projects. The experience at Otago Polytechnic has been spectacular in every single way.

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  • Email: danihandal@gmail.com
The current situation with waste and recycling.
The reality of single-use packaging.
An example of the amount of packaging generated from 6 meals.