Danni Cuthbertson

Communication – OCHO Gift Box Concept

I’m a designer interested in creating strategies and identity systems to sell local, ethical and future-conscious products. I strive to use graphic design as a tool to educate and empower producers and their consumers. My design approach harmonises; form, function, spirit and play. I find beauty in small, simple details with lasting impact.

My brief was to design a sustainable, time efficient solution to OCHO’s current chocolate gift packaging. However this project became a cultural collaboration with Dunedin-Samoan artist Ana Teofilo. The final conceptual prototype not only solves their current design problem, but acknowledges the crucial Pacific origin and terroir of the cacao beans through contemporised Pacific Island designs.

  • Website: dannicuthbertsondesign.squarespace.com
  • Instagram: @d.cuthbertson.design