Elisabeth Djohari

Graduate Diploma in Design (Communication) – Orokonui project animation

My childhood was filled with various forms of art, including traditional Indonesian as well as western in uenced sewing, knitting, cross-stitching, dress-making, illustrating, photography, and music. My parents are two respected dentists who are highly creative and have mathematically-oriented minds. I have been blessed with their most valuable inheritance such as artistic flair and a constructive mindset. After graduating with a Diploma in Multimedia from Natcoll in Auckland, I have donated most of my time and energy towards providing graphic design materials for family and friends, overseas event posters, and business start-ups. This has evolved and developed into contributions to the wider community, spanning web design, traditional and digital illustrations, photography and merchandising.

“ARIELLA, The Lioness of God”
In this era of controversies, I created Ariella as a reminder what it originally means to be a strong female figure.
Ariella is a courageous daughter of God who stands up for what is right and just.
Her forte is not defined by her gender or roles but rather through obeying God’s plan for her life.
She fearlessly faces the lies and deceitfulness of the devils and defeats them.
Frank was created using a crochet technique called Amigurumi. It is a japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuff yarn creatures.
A character design depicting two mythical creatures, Griffin and Phoenix, fused into one.
A colony of Green Ants spotted at the Northern of Queensland, Australia. It known for its vibrant
green bodies and are said to taste of sherbets.
“Orokonui Ecosanctuary Weather Station Interactive Screen Design”
7 Weeks client project. Objective: to produce an interactive screen for visitors to learn more about
the significant of the on-site weather station at OROKONUI ECOSANCTUARY.