Ezra Hewitt

Communication – Communication Design Alumni

As a designer who specialises in Graphic/Communication Design, I believe design is made to communicate a message to an audience. I practice minimal, clear design work that does not obstruct the intended message.

Design serves a purpose, and therefore needs to communicate clearly and resonate with intended audiences. Through professionalism I also hold creative freedom at the forefront of my values, it is the very reason I design. My practice of design includes creative thinking of new ways to do things, and I incorporate sustainability in my design practice. I believe that design can contribute to a better future, and sustainable design means my work, materials and processes are environmentally friendly.

Being able to create design work that exceeds clients’ expectations is an important aspect of my process. Being able to communicate and hold a strong connection between myself and the client motivates me in my work and leads to successful outcomes. ​

Eliminating the unnecessary is an important part of my design process, as well as creating a clear idea of a concept and ideation by highlighting the important parts of any brief. When I understand a project, my skills and knowledge produce successful results.

Solving a design problem is a core factor of my practice. This also includes communicating effectively to an audience and ultimately having a happy client while practicing my creatively sustainable design process.

  • https://ezhewitt.wixsite.com/portfolio