Georgia Ryan

Honours – The Kākā Project (Group project with Katherine Woodfield)

For The Kākā Project Katherine Woodfield and I created educational resources for Orokonui Ecosanctuary to help people understand how they can help kākā that fly out of the sanctuary into surrounding environments. Kākā are extremely vulnerable to predators and human interference. Stakeholders played a key role in this project by providing accurate local information. We carefully designed our outcomes to share this information with others in playful and empowering ways. I use design as a tool to change human behaviours and perspectives and to help protect our natural environment and native species. My role involved storytelling, animation, game design and research into the VR pitch and collaborating with a third year IT student Nick Mulrooney.

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Still from interactive game, ‘Neighbours’
Concept Art for ‘Kākā Gathering VR’