Griffin Hadland

Product – BioStation and Flow

The BioStation was one of my projects placed in this exhibition, by using education through immersion; cities can create awareness about biodiversity loss, and combat this by using this product to create pathways for flora and fauna to travel on. This is the first step in a greater system to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by ‘greenifying’ cities. This project is a perfect embodiment of my values, using sustainable design process’, materials, and system design to create a quality outcome.

Coffee roasting is an emotional journey, evocative of the senses, touch, sound, smell, a mindless tinker. A roaster should be able to harness these values into an analogue product that produces a personalised output. Coffee beans. Flow takes green beans and converts them into a desirable product in an elegant, managed way.

This project was a result of a collaboration with Kaffelogic, a business that designs and manufactures an artisan kitchen top coffee roaster. The need for this project was found where home roaster hobbyists were building ‘do it yourself’ coffee roasters. The current Using Flow is a nostalgic experience, users will take the time to enjoy and explore the visceral ergonomics. Tactile feedback of the rotating switches, enjoy the reference to the returning motion of a rotary telephone, the reference to a 1970s camera lens. Coffee isn’t new, why should a roaster communicate that?

This image shows one configuration that the BioStation can made into. This configuration could be good for corner spaces that may be otherwise not utilised.
This image shows another configuration. This configuration immerses the person more and can be suited to different area constraints.