Katherine Woodfield

Honours – The Kākā Project (Group project with Georgia Ryan)

I focus on storytelling, design and illustration to create eye-catching solutions to design problems. The Kākā Project began with the question, “how can we educate and inspire communities through interactive storytelling?” We gathered information from local experts in order to present accurate, local content. We designed an interactive choice-based game called ‘Neighbours’ for the Orokonui website. It was rated by our stakeholders as educational, encouraging and empowering. We also created a VR pitch, presenting the same information from a kākā’s perspective. I learned the value of collaboration, teamwork and building stakeholder relationships that inform design. Storytelling, graphic design and conservation connect through this project to encourage behavioural change.

  • Website: http://katherinewoodfieldportfolio.nz/
  • Email: katherinewoodfield481@gmail.com
The Kākā Project logo
Gameplay from ‘Neighbours’
Close-up of poster series
Front cover
Back Cover