Olivia Nuttall

Communication – Entivik Branding and Marketing

Studying over the last three years, I have gained knowledge and skills in branding, marketing, graphic design, web design, and photography. My final project was branding and marketing for a local start up tech company Entivik, which provides digital job management to the construction industry. I communicated their brand story and values through a visual identity which was modern and minimal. My long-term goals are to have my work acknowledged and appreciated while working with like-minded designers.

  • Instagram: @liv.designss
  • Website: https://olivianuttall5.wixsite.com/portfolio
A brochure spread which incorporates photography and illustration to show who Entivik is.
A brochure spread that explains the problems Entivik solves.
The final logo for Entivik which uses diamonds overlapping which creates layers and depth. Using a bold, san serif font with curved terminals which gives a modern, approachable feel.
The final module icons which use the branding colours and diamond shape as a framing device.