Rosette Hailes-Paku

Honours – BUSY GOING CRAZY (Collaboration with Jess Hamilton)

BUSY GOING CRAZY is all about the fun, the drama, the angst and the fantasy. It’s a plethora of emotions, of highs and lows of confusion and uncertainty, it’s the moments of euphoria that come as quickly as they go. The disregard of responsibility and the desire to do what you want, when you want. Subverting tradition, authority and conformity to inspire rebellion and divergence. Our work promotes individual identity and freedom of expression. In a homage to the punk subculture, our customers should feel unafraid to reject mainstream culture and instead be encouraged to pursue all things crazy and irresponsible and rebel WITH A CAUSE.

Instagram: @busygoingcrazy

Model: Phoebe
Photographer: Jessie Hamilton