Ruby Gibson

Communication – Port to Port

The idea of design kept growing as I grew with it, finding unfamiliar directions of where design can lead you which I started experimenting with. I found excitement in anything that could be visually adapted and it grew my willingness to learn new outcomes. I found myself moving through other pathways, one in particular was photography and film. This was stemmed from past assignments and my love for wildlife and the ocean which has become a big part of who I am. This passion helped me adapt skills already defined and modify to something that I felt was really intriguing. Photography is one of the biggest ways of communication, images can be understood universally from skipping language barriers. I grew this passion and used it to help other areas of expertise to grow my professional career, photography is used in a range of communication styles and incorporating design and photography has been a large part of becoming a designer. My style and aesthetic has stayed similar throughout the years, being simple and elegant has something I’ve developed and grown to achieve, wanting to give myself a recognisable image for people to identify me as. Although I’ve kept own parts of myself in design, I’ve also included aspects that would benefit the company or client. The end of year project was something that I knew I wanted to create not only for the brand, but for myself.