Tiahli Curran-Hogg

Communication – What is Communication Design?

My practice is as much about the design process as the final outcome. I enjoy starting new projects, fostering relationships with clients and gaining an in-depth understanding of their needs. This allows me to create powerful solutions to design problems.

In an industry where my job is to convey ideas and connect people, I value the reasoning and purpose I can infuse into an outcome through the designer’s eye. It is my goal to communicate — to act as the visual translator between a client and their audience, and to share powerful stories that resonate. It is a privilege to work in an industry where my skillset can realise someones vision and turn an idea into something tangible.  

For my final project Kate Weith and I collaborated in designing a multi media marketing campaign for the Otago Polytechnic Design Communications course. We delivered multiple outcomes that helped our clients communicate with their target audience of prospective students. We achieved this through a multi medium marketing strategy, involving film, social media, and print advertising. Through our research we had the knowledge to build a strong and engaging identity for the course that worked successfully across our marketing mediums and platforms, and will see them into the future.

I also completed many other client projects throughout my degree. These clients included the Dunedin Youth Orchestra, Globe Theatre Dunedin, Town Belt Kaitiaki, and the Collaborative Therapy Development Trust.

Otago Polytechnic Communication Design campaign slogan
@opcommsdesign Instagram campaign content
Dunedin Youth Orchestra poster advertisement, in collaboration with Quinn Hawthorne
The Globe Theatre Dunedin flyer design for their performance of Richard II
Town Belt Kaitiaki character design assets
Collaborative Therapy Development Trust brand manual