Zhimo Yang

Communication – Town Belt Kaitiaki Website Design

As a designer, it is important to me that I express aspects of myself through my interests and hobbies. For my client, I care about what people think and knowing they interact with my design work.

I also pay attention to art and personal emotional expression. I believe that in the future, with the development of science and technology, any design that for the sake of serving a purpose or solving a problem of human needs can be completed by Artificial Intelligence. For my final project, I decided to design a website for the Town Belt Kaitiaki program, to provide an online platform where the TBK community can access the educational program.

  • Email: mucci88888@gmail.com
Using the public welfare poster screen, through the most direct visual design, people are urged to: cherish peace and oppose war (During my internship in China (2017).