Taylor Pumphrey


Email: taylor.pumphry@gmail.com

Instagram: @atireira

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylor-pumphrey-3069a51a7

“Tangible” is a collection influenced by the sense of touch and its relationship to our emotions. It explores how touch can inform our perception and understanding of the world and how it exists in our lives. These designs explore the relationship between fabric and form. Looking at the space between the tangible and intangible and how the garments exist in their own space. This collection is intended as a texturally immersive and visually tactile experience for the maker, wearer and audience.  

I enjoy making and learning throughout the design process, and am drawn towards textile experimentation and design that is conceptually driven. Aesthetically I appreciate details, thoughtful and conscious, design, with carefully considered fabrications.