School of Design

Why students study design at Otago Polytechnic

  • A boutique learning environment — small classes mean your lecturers know you by name and can support you to develop your own ‘design signature’.
  • Studio-based learning with access to specialised equipment and spaces.
  • A supportive environment that allows you to test your ideas, get feedback and refine and polish your final designs.
  • Exchange and study abroad opportunities in Europe, Asia, and America.
  • Individual, team and interdisciplinary learning opportunities.
  • Client projects, industry placements, and internships which help you to become a work-ready graduate.

Three Year Programmes:

  • Bachelor of Design, specialising in Communication, Fashion, Interiors, or Product.
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Architectural Technology) or (Interior Architecture)

One year programmes:

  • Graduate Diploma in Design (Communication, Fashion, Interiors, or Product)

One semester programmes:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Arts and Design (Level 4)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Digital Media and Design (Level 4)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Fashion (Level 4)

Postgraduate programmes:

  • Bachelor of Design (Honours)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Design
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Design
  • Master of Design
  • Master of Design Enterprise

Bachelor of Design (Honours)

If you have already achieved excellence in your undergraduate degree, this postgraduate qualification is a great opportunity to extend and deepen your knowledge and understanding of design research methods and professional design practice.

Graduate Diploma in Design

Achieve an applied qualification to complement your degree in a specialist area of design. Ideal if you are a professional practitioner wishing to develop your applied skills and studio project experience.

Postgraduate Certificate in Design

Ideal for graduates who want to extend and deepen their research skills and professional design practices through applied design research projects which are self-generated or developed with industry or community partners. Graduates will be well-prepared for further post-graduate studies such as our Master of Design or Master of Design Enterprise qualifications, or for a career in design or design management.

Master of Design Enterprise

Want to develop the ability to provide design and design-led strategy expertise within an organisation or enterprise? Engage in industry-based research tailored to suit your particular needs. Option for studying by distance is available by negotiation.

Master of Design

This qualification of excellence allows you to develop a significant body of scholarly creative work which is presented in a public forum and supported by an exegesis or equivalent.

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