Adam Bartlett




I value a lot of things in life, first and foremost I value being honest and true to yourself, family and friendships, loyalty and trust, wellbeing and balance, freedom, and openness.
I’m an advocate, a maker, and a problem solver by nature. In design I value much of the same things as honest design and quality, balance and intuition, durability and sustainable design. I’m not here trying to impress anyone by the way I dress or the accessories I own but I do appreciate quality because it lasts. I’m not a fan of fads and trends and don’t put much thought into what shirt to wear when I wake up if it serves me or its purpose for that day.
I believe we are gifted with tools all around us that can help us create positive outcomes in the world. I believe in the old Māori proverb or Whakatauki: He kai kei aku ringa. This translates to: There is food at the end of my hands. It’s said by a person who can use their basic abilities and resources to create success. This resonates with me strongly, because I am driven and eager to succeed using my skills and craft to move forward and to grow, while helping others to do the same.