Emma Muir


Instagram: @veryfunandsexy

Email: e.muir@hotmail.co.nz

Heads Down, Thumbs Up

Kia ora Tātou, ko Emma tōku ingoa, ko Ngāti Porou, ko Te Whānau a Ruataupare toku hapū.

Nō Tairāwhiti ahu, kei Ōtepoti tōku kāinga ināianei.

As a designer, I am interested in the role of fashion in identity formation, in particular its ability to be used as a coping mechanism in times of grief. 

These past years bring about an interesting intersection of grief for young adults. While mourning the loss of childhood, the pandemic – among other uncertainties – forces us to now mourn the loss of the future we had imagined for ourselves.

This collection aims to provide comfort through elements of nostalgia and playfulness.

The use of hand-me-down fabrics, repurposed linens, and tablecloths, provide a romantic, soothing element. Bright fabrics such as tulles and meshes, which would not look out of place in the scrappy dress up boxes of our past, bring a spirited and optimistic energy to the pieces.

In this time of languishing, the last pressure we need to add is that of looking serious.

Noho ora mai rā