Laura Voight

Instagram: @laurabelledesigns


A Summer’s Dream

For me, fashion design is personal, it’s about how you feel. I believe the embodiment of these experiences is vital to creating clothing people love. Fashion is a form of self expression that unites and exposes both the designer and wearer through cloth and style.

I believe in designing fashion to create a platform upon which the wearer can express themselves through colour, texture and print. Within my own design practice I value the curation of unique hand crafted textiles to inspire connections and conversations around clothing and the value of the garments to the wearer.

My collection, A Summer’s Dream, is an exploration through coloured art and textile to express my own personal euphoric feeling around the phenomenology of dreaming. I painted, embroidered, weaved and knotted to create a whimsical mural-esque collection in which the wearer can escape the troubles of the world, if only for a moment.