Mason Corbett

Instagram: @masoncorbett

Linkedin: mason-corbett-ab5a78213




My name is Mason Corbett and after finishing my degree in Design Communication, I have aspirations of becoming a freelance video editor. Over the tenure of my degree I discovered that while I was capable of design work, my true passion lay with film making and the editing that came with it. 

From a young age, I was using editing software in my free time to create small projects which acted as a diving board for my work now. Decision making and having a precise sense for timing has allowed me to shine in the freelance jobs that I have already acquired, it has also given me the confidence to know that this is the profession I want to be in. This year, before embarking upon the journey that was filming Fear the Unknown (2021), I had the fantastic opportunity to work for a modestly successful youtube channel and work alongside the original content creator in order to truly put out the videos they wanted. This work experience was a turning point for me in my career as I learnt that freelancing could be rewarding and profitable. 

My latest project, Fear the Unknown, has become a perfect encompassment of my skills up to date. With the film, I was able to try my hand as a director, producer, writer and editor. Although there was a fair amount of learning on the job, through my organisation and with the help of my crew, we managed to create a work that I believe has the potential to make it to the relevant indie film festivals. I am proud of my work as a director, but I believe the true noteworthy aspect of the work is my succinct editing. 

Now that the film has been made, I am already on to new projects and ideas for clients and myself. 2022 will see music videos, fishing shows and short documentary style films among other things as I branch out to discover what sort of freelance editor I can be.