Sarah Baines

Instagram: @gracestudioart

I see the need for human-centred design, growing from the relationship between client, designer and audience, with the aim to solve problems in an empathetic manner. This involves combining function and form, to create a solution that has lasting effects.

Hi my name is Sarah, and I am a graphic designer. I believe my ideas have great value. As a designer I believe this is an exceedingly important trait to obtain. If you do not believe in yourself, nobody else will. It often does not come naturally to me, but it is the single most helpful lesson I have learnt while studying at Otago Polytechnic – you have got to back yourself!

I live in New Zealand, one of the most beautiful places on earth (yes I am biased). I live for adventures, whether that be in work or in play. That is why I am freelancer. This way, I get variety, interest, and fluidity. No two projects are ever the same – this keeps me constantly on my toes!

I have worked on brands, websites, campaigns, photography, and social media, each requiring a different aspect of myself to be left, like buried treasure, within the project. I use the Adobe Creative suite every day, which has helped me become skilled, fast and efficient using the Adobe applications. I also use Webflow as my web-building platform.

I aim for elegance in all my work, aiming not to overcomplicate the message being portrayed to the audience. As Dieter Rams said, “My aim is to omit everything superfluous so that the essential is shown to the best possible advantage.” …Perhaps an ironic statement, after using 264 words to describe a fraction of myself and my practise.