Vincent Egan




Mythic Tāne is a virtual reality experience, that parallels the consciousness of Tāne-nui-ā-rangi and evokes specific emotional responses, to continue oral tradition, with respect and integrity toward Māori culture and with a particular focus on whakapapa. The vision for this 20+ minute animated Mixed Reality short Story is to leverage Unreal Engine’s full suite of capabilities to depict and interactive, fully immersive, first person animated Mixed Reality Story, where users are the catalysts for the main events, and front row spectator to the rest. The experience combines robust planning, beautifully illustrated concepts, storyboarded and produced into narrated animatic story elements, interactive challenges to overcome, motion captured animated 3D models and environments, layered with orchestrated music and SFX.

Vincent is from Taranaki descending from Ngāruahine-rangi and Ngāti Ruanui. Along with studying for his Masters qualification, Vincent is an entrepreneur and business owner, passionate about digital technology and the possibilities it enables for creativity.