Peacefulness & Mindfulness

Global peace will arise when we can realise the inner peace in ourselves. That means when we find peace and happiness within, a different mind and compassion will exist and then we will want to share loving kindness, peace and happiness with others.

In the end we can only change ourselves and hope that change affects, informs and perhaps enlightens others whether they be our friends, families or simply those we come into contact with, through the connections that we can share the happiness by ourself.

Let see


World Peace Through Inner Peace

Diamond Langi


Otago Light of Peace

Peace Event at University of Otago


Meditation Retreat

Harlem Cruz Ihaia


No one person can fix everything

Aaron Hawkins


What is the biggest challenge to young people today?

Jack Manning


Dream big and wake up early to actualize them.

Professor Harlene Hayne

Our Objectives

1. To help people to discover their own inner peace and pass it on to others.
2. To contribute to peace, ethics and harmony in New Zealand.
3. To encourage people to think more about peace and to create more activities around the issue of peace in society.
4. To spread the techniques and benefits of meditation throughout the community.

When our mind is centered in the middle of ourselves,
we will experience inner PEACE and joy.