We should take time to practice meditation without any excuses

Meditation Class

We should take time to practice meditation without any excuses.
Meditation Class Our program involves the meditation for peace and is open to everyone, regardless of religion or belief. Please come to realize your own inner peace and pass that on to your society!


Start by sitting cross-legged on a cushion on the floor, placing your right leg over your left leg, right hand on the left hand, with the right index finger touching the left thumb and your hands comfortably on your lap, palms upward. If you find this position uncomfortable, you can adopt a different position or sit on a chair.

Gently close your eyes as though you were falling asleep. Do not squeeze your eyes shut or press your eyelids. Adjust your sitting posture until your blood and breath can circulate at ease. This will prevent you from suffering muscular discomfort. Balance your sitting posture until you feel light or comfortable.

Now imagine that there are two threads running through your abdomen. The first stretches from your navel to your back, while he second stretches from the right side of the waist to the left. The crossing point of these two threads is called the sixth base of the mind. Two finger-widths above this point is the seventh base of the mind (see diagram below), also known as the centre of the body.

Program ; Every Friday
7.00 pm. Introduction
7.10 pm. Meditation Time
7.50 pm. Q&A
8.00 pm. Finish Program


Do you have any experience meditating?